Team Tools is your locally owned one-stop-shop for all your name-brand industrial-grade power tools at rock bottom prices. We are also an authorized warranty service center for the brands we carry and provide repairs for most all brands of tools.

Authorized Warranty Service Center

Since our company’s inception, Team Tools knew how important and value-adding it is to be able to service and repair the major tool lines that we sell to our customers. A huge part of that servicing is to be able to warranty repair the tools, in house, that are backed by the specific manufacturer that guarantees the tools. This can only be done by having earned a status of “Authorized Warranty Service Center” provided to Team Tools by the manufacturer. We have spent the last 10+ years growing these relationships with these manufacturers to be able to have that title for all of the major brands of tools that we sell (i.e. DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, etc), along with a few brands that are exclusively through the homestores (i.e. Rigid, Ryobi).

As a customer, it is a great feeling to know that the place you bought your tool is also where you can take it when something goes wrong and get it fixed and back in your hand in a timely manner. Our Tool Repair Specialist is one of the best in the biz and can typically turn around your tool in just a few short days. Please give us a chance to earn your business!

Repair service work for almost all major tool brands

We know the frustration of having a job to do and the tool(s) you need to get it done are out of commission. Do not stress! Breathe. And take your tools to Team Tools! Our Tool Repair Specialist Matt will be happy to take a look at your tool to see if it economically makes sense to repair it or if it just needs to be put down. He only charges a $5 diagnostic to take a look, and will not repair the tool if it costs more than half the cost of a new model.

So bring in your tools that need a little TLC and see what Team Tools can do to get you back on the job with your tool in hand!

Fully trained & knowledgeable staff to assist customers needs and offer solutions.

When you come into our store you will be greeted by one of our friendly staffers and asked how we may assist you. Whether you are simply browsing, know exactly what you need, or have a task ahead requiring a little advice on which tool to use, our helpful staff are fully trained to take care of you. We pride ourselves on giving our customers solutions and not just products. We are constantly training our staff so that we are up on the latest and greatest in the industry.
No matter if you are a seasoned contractor or a novice DIY’er, we will help you learn all about the innovative and new technologies and products out there to help make your job go easier and get done right the first time. So come by and let us meet you!

Outside Sales service & support for local contractors.

Team Tools also provides additional services to our valued Account Customers through our Outside Sales Team. We have accounts throughout the area that are personally handled by one of our outside sales reps. These reps work hard to make sure their accounts get the things they need, when they need them, at the prices that are best. When you set up your account to be one of our valued customers, you can consider us your concierge of tools, fasteners, accessories, and more! Our reps take pride in providing our customers solution based products. Which means products that save you time and labor, which we all know, saves money.
We want to help you and your company be the most cost effective you can be on your next job! So if you are within the Springfield or surrounding area and are interested in a rep stopping by… Please call us at 417-881-8326.

Periodic trainings and new product roll-outs offered by manufactures representatives in store or off-site.

As well as our fully trained staff helping you create solutions, we also have periodic trainings held by the actual manufacturers reps. We have our vendor representatives in our store quite frequently to help answer customer questions, but in addition to that they also schedule trainings to keep our staff and our customers up to speed on all the new products hitting the market. We’ve all seen technology exploding in the last 10+ years, and it’s been no different in the tool world. And we all know, if you don’t keep up with technology it will pass you by.
Another thing that keeps changing are regulations in the construction industry. With these changes updating at record paces, it’s important to know that you can contact Team Tools and we can get the correct representative down (and even come to your shop) to give training to your team.

So whether you need training on safety regulations or on new products and solutions, please call our team and we will schedule something for you.

Blade sharpening service

If you have circular saw blades that have dulled and don’t want to throw them out and buy new, please consider dropping them off at Team Tools and we will get them sharpened to cut as good as new.
Our blade sharpener picks up and drops off 2x a week. So your turn around on waiting for your blade is between 3-5 days! The pricing is reasonable and typically about ½ the cost of a brand new blade.
So round up those old dull blades just collecting dust and lets get them nice, shiny, and sharp for you again!