Klein Tools PROBEplus – Tone Tracing Probe

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The Klein VDV500-060 PROBEplus tone tracing probe is crafted for optimum durability, reliability and functionality, and is engineered with you in mind. Designed for, and by, electricians, the electrical tester provides the latest in innovative, time-saving features that professionals require. The tool traces wire paths and identifies cables in common wiring systems. Amplifier overload LED improves accuracy, warning against misreads. Recessed buttons prevent accidental operation. A dual mode power button with power-on LED indicator features tap or hold. Design features like amplifier overload indication, adjustable digital volume control, tap-mode operation, hold-mode operation, power-on LED indicator, visual notification, auto power-off, low battery indicator, replaceable tip, and lanyard attachment loop, put the VDV500-060 in a class by itself in safety and versatility. The VDV500-060 uses a 9V battery with an active life of 25 hours and 4 years on standby. Designed for use with Klein VDV test tools VDV500-051, VDV526-054, VDV526-052, VDV501-053, and VDV501-809. Also works with many other manufacturers' analog tone probes. Replacement tips available (VDV999-065). Since 1857, Klein Tools has manufactured the world's finest hand tools. Today, Klein Tools is the No. 1 choice among professional tradesmen. Klein Tools' dedication to quality and innovation continues with products available for professional tradesmen worldwide.


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