Makita Makita SP6000K1 6-1/2-Inch Plu

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This machine is from the new breed of circular saws which feature a guide rail system that allows the circular saw to sit on and travel along offering a highly accurate and clean cut. Gone have the days of clamping a piece of batten to the sheet material for your circular saw base to travel along or following a pencilled line , the guide rail is fitted with an anti slip material and when positioned will allow the saw to travel smoothly along the rail. With its plunge action offering a depth of cut to 55mm, cuts can now be produced in the centre of the material making it suitable for cutting out holes for sinks and cooker hobs etc. It boasts a very slim guard allowing the saw to be used by other trades such as plumbers and electricians where floorboards need to be cut close to a wall. Featured packed, this saw has a soft start switch making it ideal when plunging in the centre of a board, variable speed and a constant speed under load which will keep the blade spinning at a constant speed, producing nice clean cut in various materials and finally a motor brake that will stop the blade in an instance, again very handy when making cuts in the centre of a board. This machine takes the hassle out of cutting large boards and will sure to be a very popular machine.


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