Makita Makita Recipro CVT


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Makita’s reciprocating saw with AVT® (model JR3070CTH) delivers superior power and performance with less vibration. The JR3070CTH is equipped with Anti-Vibration technology (AVT®), a internal counterbalance system engineered inside the tool that significantly reduces vibration. The result is faster, more efficient cutting and less vibration in the tool. The JR3070CTH with AVT® is powered by a 15 amp motor with electronic speed control to maintain Constant speed under load. The JR3070CTH has a long 1-1/4” stroke for faster cutting with 0-2, 800 strokes per minute (SPM) and a variable speed dial with six different preset speeds to match the speed of the saw to the application. The unique clutch system extends the tool life by protecting the gears should the blade bind. It also has Orbital action with 4 settings to choose from for high speed cutting. Avt® is Makita’s exclusive counterbalance system that reduces vibration for more efficient cutting power. The JR3070CTH has a durable body design that keeps dust and debris away from the motor, with rubber and felt seals to keep dust and water out for a longer tool life. The JR3070CTH weighs just 9.7 lbs., with “tool-less” blade Change and five-position shoe adjustment. The JR3070CTH is a versatile and powerful reciprocating saw engineered for demolition, metal cutting, wood cutting, drywall and plaster, plastics and remodeling. It’S ideal for builders, roofers, metal fabricators, remodelers, and general contractors seeking a best-in-class industrial quality reciprocating saw.


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